Advertising and Signs

Web and Graphic Design - Multimedia Specialists

Producing advertisements for the major newspapers has been pretty much a daily event here.  These ads promote shows, movies, festivals, businesses, restaurant specials, and sales.

Lighted signs are used in theatres, bus stops, restaurants, and other sites where you want a message seen during the dimly lit evening hours.   As these signs are lit from behind, colour saturation and selection of colour is important.

We also produce animated Dynamic plus Omnivex signs for use on screens in live theatres and casinos with showrooms.

Whether you need a web or printed ad, a lighted sign, or something to advertise your hours of business or current and future specials, we have the expertise.

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Press Releases

While this is not exactly a ‘graphic design’ service, it is a form of advertising.

With years of experience, researching and writing Press Releases for clients, we know what is required and how to really ‘sell’ an event.  You will find our rates reasonable and our ability to deliver great!


Logos and Designs for Merchandise

Clothing, mugs, hats, key chains, calendars – you name it!  If you want to promote your business or event, we can design the images needed.