Video Production

Web and Graphic Design - Multimedia Specialists

Videos of family gatherings such as anniversaries, reunions, and weddings can be created using photos and video clips taken at the events.  We can work with both digital and paper images to create a memorable movie.

Photographs can be cropped, enhanced, and edited to remove imperfections or just improve their appearance.  Old photos can be restored.  Add music, audio and video effects along with text or voice over to add details to the scenes.

Restaurants regularly have us prepare videos to advertise their menus, specials and upcoming shows in their lounge.

Annually we prepare videos to promote events for Festival organizers such as Music Societies, Tim Horton’s, and Municipalities – to show what Acts and activities are involved each year.  These have appeared in TV news spots.

Musicians on a tight budget cannot afford professionally shot music videos, which can cost thousands of dollars.  An alternative is to combine photos, recordings of their songs, and video clips of their performances (if available). 

This way, they can share their musical talent with the world via Youtube and other similar sites.