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Canadian Livestock Records Corporation

Welcome to the CLRC Website

Bienvenue au site web de la SCEA


Option 1 - Electronic DNA/SNP Applications

DNA Test Kit Application

SNP Test Kit Application

Afterwards, you will receive a DNA or SNP test kit form and instructions from
CLRC on how to submit your DNA sample to the appropriate lab.

N.B. Do NOT submit DNA samples directly to the lab unless you have an application form prepared by CLRC.

Option 2 - Hair Samples May Now be Submitted Directly to CLRC (Canadian members only)

(August 5, 2016) In order to save steps and time, you may now submit your hair samples for DNA, SNP and Genetic testing directly to CLRC. The appropriate submission forms and instructions can be found here:

Cattle, Horse, Goat DNA Microsatellite tests
Cattle SNP and other Genetic Tests

CLRC will forward the hair samples to the appropriate lab with the required documentation. This applies to any hair sample destined for testing at Maxxam Analytics, Guelph, Ontario, Genserve Laboratories, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Delta Genomics, Edmonton, Alberta, and VGL Laboratories, University of California, Davis.

In order to avoid trans-border delays and potential customs issues, we recommend that those customers in the United States use the electronic forms above (Option 1) to request a DNA submission kit.

Office Hours: 8:00AM - 4:00PM Eastern Time (Monday to Friday except Holidays)
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