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The Mannerly Manners® Curriculum is based on character development. It is a common sense approach to teaching Manners for Everyday Life™ rooted in compassion for oneself and others. Quantity discounts available. (Training available upon request)

TEACHER CURRICULUM PACKAGE: includes, 1-Curriculum Lessons book, 1-Teacher’s Guide,1-Student Workbook and 1-DVD.

CURRICULUM LESSONS GUIDE: Manners for Everyday Life™ is a character education curriculum for grades 2-6 that will make a difference in your classroom, school and community. No prior training need because the Curriculum Lessons contain fifteen 30-35 minute lesson in a teacher-friendly format that is organized, clear and concise. These lessons teach life skills; respect defined as treating others with compassion, love, kindness for others and consideration of cultural and lifestyle diversity. The rules of manners taught with respect including such things as: Social Skills: Introductions, First Impressions, Body Language, Telephone/Cell Phone/Computer Etiquette, Table Manners and Thank You Notes.

TEACHER’S GUIDE: The Teacher’s Guide contains information that supplements the Curriculum Lessons. Included are more in-depth definitions of program terms and philosophies, suggested stories that aid in reinforcing lesson concepts and reproducible pages.

STUDENT WORKBOOK: The Mannerly Manners® Student Workbook is comprised of original material that has been used in classroom situations for ten years It gives students additional take-home information about the lessons and as a hands-on tool for classroom use. The materials are intended to elicit discussion as well as provide guidance for the future. The structure of the program requires each student to own a workbook as well as the teacher.

DVD: The DVD shot during a teacher training session, is a visual aid to help you understand the teaching tools. It includes valuable demonstrations of the tools used in the Mannerly Manners Curriculum program. Each of the tools enhances your students understanding of the related lesson.

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