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First, let us thank all of last year’s members for allowing the National Ski Club to continue, despite the managerial issues we had to tackle.  During last season, the board of directors handled all the paperwork with registration of membership and events, and now beg please, never again!  To resolve this, we have been preparing a online registration system through this summer, and for the first time, all membership and event registration will be done on-line

This online registration system is close to opening up, there's last minute key points that haven't been finalized yet. For now, we recommend that you get prepared. At the bottom of our website’s Membership page is a Waiver of Liability - print that out, fill in all the fields (even at the bottom of page 3) and scan it – you will need this and a photo of yourself to complete your membership registration. 

Payment for Membership, Day Trips and Ski Rentals must be by credit card. Vacation registration is done on-line to keep track of first-come-first-serve, yet payments as are for the wholesaler, they must be done by either cheque to the wholesaler or by providing credit card details – there has been no change from previous years. Your cheques will be sent to the wholesaler along with credit card details on a UBS. 

You will be advised when our new system is open, and you can start the registration for your skiing season 2019-20.

Membership in the National Capital Ski Club is open to everyone.

The National Capital Ski Club exists to promote affordable skiing and snowboarding in the local Ontario and Quebec (including Mont Tremblant) region. It offers discounted rates in all aspects of skiing and boarding to its members. The National Capital Ski Club will get you to the hill more often for less money. Join and take advantage of the many Membership Discounts from lift tickets to ski vacations to full season equipment rentals to merchant discounts as detailed below.

Please note that we are continually negotiating discounts on your behalf - so keep watching our website for updates.

Categories & Fees

Membership Categories

Military/First Responders
This category includes people that are:

  • Canadian Armed Forces members and their families;
  • Firefighters, RCMP officers, other Police officers and Paramedics;
  • Veterans of any of the above; and
  • Foreign military members currently serving with the CAF and their families.

This category includes all other people.

Membership Fees


Season Opening to AGM

AGM to End of Ski Show

After Ski Show

Adult standard




Adult discounted *








Family Standard




Family Discounted *




* Military and First Responder Discount

Questions? Contact our Membership Manager, Lisa:


Before you proceed make sure you have the following items ready and complete so as not to unnecessarily delay your membership application:

  1. Please download the waiver document, complete it and scan it ready for uploading.
    Liability Waiver and/or Liability
    Waiver (Minor):
    Waiver Completion

    Click below for a fillable version of the
    Liability Waiver Form in Adobe PDF format.

    Click below for the Waiver Completion
    Requirements in Adobe PDF format to
    assist you in completing the Liability Waiver.

  2. A recent photo. Hills and merchants require us to include photos on our membership cards. This will be the photo used on your Membership Id. card.
  3. A major credit card.
When you are ready continue click the button below