Plymouth Rocks

Developed in the US this popular breed is kept for its looks, hardiness and reliability. We offer the following varieties: Barred, Buff, Partridge and White.

New Hampshire Red

An American breed, the New Hampshire is a good dual-purpose bird; they are a lighter red than the Rhode Island Red.

Rhode Island Red

This American breed is a good egg layer; it looks attractive with its mahogany colored feathering.


The Orpington is a beautiful English breed, it is soft feathered and docile.


Developed in England for dual purposes the Sussex is also nicely marked. We offer the following varieties: Speckled and Light. Light Sussex are straight run only.


This breed was developed in England, it is large and powerful looking and kept mainly for exhibition purposes. We offer the following varieties: Buff, Dark and White Laced Red.

Jersey Giant

Developed in the US the Jersey Giant is a large bird that grows slowly. We offer the following varieties: Black and White.


This American breed is very similar looking to the Barred Rock; a quick differentiation between the two is the Dominique’s rose comb compared to the Barred Rock’s single comb.

Naked Neck (Turken)

Developed in Hungary or Germany the Naked Neck looks like a cross between a chicken and a turkey.


A popular "well rounded" dual purpose breed developed in the US. A very beautifully marked bird. We offer the following varieties: Golden Laced, Silver Laced, Partridge, Columbian, White and Buff.


This American breed is a nice mahogany colour; they have a pea comb which makes it a nice choice in cold areas; they are a friendly bird.


This American breed is docile and a good dual purpose bird.

Black Australorp

Developed in Australia, this breed is all black with a nice green sheen throughout its plumage.